Analytics is the process of providing greater Clarity and Insight into your organisation’s data in order to facilitate Action that results in Business Outcomes.

Descriptive Analytics (also known as Business Intelligence) allows insight into what has happened in the past. But what if you could predict future trends? What if you could uncover hitherto unseen patterns in previously analysed data? New technologies have emerged that make the use of these technologies simpler. What was previously the domain of Actuaries and Statisticians is now more accessible.

However, caution is advised as there is much hype around Analytics and BigData. If one was to believe the hype, it is merely a matter of flicking a switch to achieve Analytics Nirvana. Sadly, that is still some years away!

Analytica Consulting has many years experience working with data and associated technologies and can advise your organisation on how to ensure that you achieve the benefits envisaged by Analytics and BigData.

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